Muzic By Mozart


"Mozart was born to sing; her original songs are not just merely compelling but are brimming with subtle and sophisticated lyrics, unusual for one so young.  She is definitely one to watch..."

- Dr. Ian Krouse (Professor of Music, Department of Music, Associate Dean of Academics, Herb Alpert School of Music, UCLA)


"Mozart has known from the day that she was born that her purpose in this life is to perform and share her enormous talents with the world.  Her diligence, dedication, exploration and perfection of all aspects of her abilities: acting, singing, dancing, composing, instruments, and performance - is extraordinary.  It is wonderful to watch her grow into the talented artist and young woman that she has so thoroughly prepared herself to become."

- Carol Tingle (vocal coach to Hayley Williams, Rachel Platten, & Kelly Clarkson)


"Mozart is the most talented girl I have ever met. Second to none. I don't say this much about anyone but after hearing Mozart sing live I truly know I'm in the presence of greatness." 

- Israel Marquez (director, filmmaker, musician)


"I love Mozart.  I think she is a very special person and has something more about her than just being an actor, singer, entertainer. There is just something in her that I think rises above the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry may be her vehicle, but I don't think it is good enough for what this young person could offer the world. "

- Linda Septien (vocal coach to Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato)


”You are a Phenom"

- Nick Seeley (producer for Pitbull & Ke$ha)


“Her voice is stunning, her ability to touch your soul through a performance, I have never seen someone with this stage presence… Her ability to captivate and allure your emotional feeling through a song is extraordinary…Musically and emotionally she will rock you to the core… Wow this girls voice is brilliant and moving, you really need to hear this. And to hear her sing…She is heading for world domination.”

- Marion Joy, Amazon UK


“ I hope you continue in music as you are very musical”

- Dr Jolie Lin (her teacher and PhD from the prestigious Peabody Conservatory)


“I’m already a huge fan of Mozart, so much talent I don't even know where to begin.”

- Gia Sky (songwriter/producer)